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iProof PowerRIPX for Desktop Printers, MacOS X 10.3 and later




Utility software from Prosoft Engineering Inc.


What is a RIP?

raster image processor (RIP) is a component used in a printing system which produces a rasterimage also known as a bitmap. The bitmap is then sent to a printing device for output. The input may be a page description in a high-level page description language such as PostScriptPortable Document FormatXPS or another bitmap of higher or lower resolution than the output device. In the latter case, the RIP applies either smoothing or interpolation algorithms to the input bitmap to generate the output bitmap.

Raster image processing is the process and the means of turning vector digital information such as aPostScript file into a high-resolution raster image.

Originally RIPs were a rack of electronic hardware which received the page description via some interface (eg RS232) and generated a "hardware bitmap output" which was used to enable or disable each pixel on a real-time output device such as an optical film scanner.

A RIP can be implemented either as a software component of an operating system or as a firmware program executed on a microprocessor inside a printer, though for high-end typesetting, the RIP Software offered by iProof Systems will give you the image output you demand.



NEW!  PowerRIP DTG for Epson R3000/P600 & 1430/1500W

PowerRIP DTG now drives Direct To Garment printers based on Epson’s Stylus Photo R3000, Epson's SureColor® P600, and based on 6 color printers like Epson’s Artisan 1430, and L1800, .
Stylus Photo 1500W/1400/1410/1390.

Make your T-shirt DTG printing more productive use PowerRIP. PowerRIP was Epson's choice, when they shipped a RIP with their first inkjet printers in 1995. (190,000 installed)

PowerRIP is the most productive DTG RIP in the industry. It is the number one RIP used by the largest Direct To Garment T-shirt printing firms in the world. With it you will get the best production print speeds for output on any printer.

PowerRIP DTG “production run” print times for a pre-ripped 12x18 inch image, includes shirt loading time, but not RIP processing time:
Shirt production per hour (sph) with PowerRIP DT

NEW!  Direct To Garment RIPPro v.6 One-Pass

iProof's Direct To Garment Version 6 RIPPRO for DTG printers.  iProof's V6 RIPPRO sets the standard for printing white ink in Direct To Garment.

iProof RIPPRO V6 One-Pass will save you time and money.


DTG One-Pass White supports the following DTG printer models:

DTG Kiosk and TJet (Epson 2200), DTG Kiosk HM1 (Epson R2400),

DTG Raptor and DTG K3 (Epson R1900 & R1800), 

DTG Viper and Summit (4880/4800), DTG Xpress & Bullet (9800, 7800)

Depend on iProof Systems Inc. for custom RIP development

Depend on iProof Systems Inc. for custom RIP development for a new printer or printing technology

iProof are the team that built the first PostScript RIPs that Epson sold for inkjet printing, the first PostScript RIPs Canon sold for Bubblejet and then developed the RIPs that HP used to re-enter the PostScript consumer market.  iProof built the first US PostScript Imagesetter and shipped the first clone product of Adobe PostScript in the world.  We also invented the PostScript print queuing system used on almost every RIP on the market today.

iProof Systems Inc. developed the first raster image processing for a white ink to fabric printing application for ALPS Electric Co. Ltd. in 1998, 5 years before anyone else did white ink to fabric.  We have direct to garment solutions, multi-pupose hybrid RIPs and solutions for different industries.  If you are developing a new printing technology and need a RIP solution please contact our Sales Department.